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Advies Bureau Schade b.v.
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Tracking & tracing (T&T)
What is a vehicle tracking and tracing system:
A vehicle tracking and tracing system is a device which - amongst other things - makes it possible to locate and track objects such as cars, trucks, various types of machinery etc. using Global Positioning System (GPS) combined with GSM mobile phone technology.  These systems are often used for tracing objects after a theft.

This kind of system can also be used for the following purposes:
  • Security
  • Fleetmanagement
  • Trip Recording(Black Box)
  • Telemetry applications (company specific creation)
  • Management role
  • Controlling peripherals ( e.g. PDA, navigation system, mobile cooling systems etc.)
What is Advies Bureau Schade B.V. and what can you expect of us;
In addition to loss adjustment and fraud investigation work, Advies Bureau Schade B.V.  is also involved in global searches for missing objects and cargoes. As part of these activities, we have built up an international network of contacts over the years, and this network is still expanding on a daily basis. This network enables us to implement adequate Tracking & Tracing (hereafter called T&T) measures - or have them implemented - following a verified alert and/or theft report, particularly in the 'green card' countries.

We have developed a complete concept in partnership with various product suppliers and emergency control centres.

Within the complete “Tracking & Tracing concept” you will deal with Advies Bureau Schade BV (ABS) and  ABS T&T BV, amongst others.

Administration is provided by ABS T&T B.V,
Operational activities are carried out by Advies Bureau Schade B.V (ABS).

ABS will protect the client's interests and ensure professional supervision and monitoring in securing and repatriating (returning) the stolen object.
If the alert cannot initially be verified for any reason, it is possible that the police will not take any action. ABS  will strive to verify the alert, in order to avoid wasting police time. If ABS's verification reveals that it genuinely does involve a theft, ABS will take adequate steps in consultation with the relevant control centre.

The securing of a stolen object and apprehension of potential suspect is primarily a job for the state authorities. During this phase ABS will take the necessary steps to best protect the contracting party's interests, but only in close consultation with the relevant authorities. In summary, ABS's activities will include:
  • Assessing/verifying the alert;
  • Locating the object;
  • Monitoring and assessing the situation;
  • Pinpoint the object so that it can be secured by the relevant authorities. Where necessary ABS will have the object secured in consultation with the relevant authorities.
  • Supervising and arraigning the repatriation of the object.
Tracing a stolen object does not mean that this object will immediately be available to the rightful owner again; this depends heavily on local laws and particularly the speed with which a proper legal case is bought and conducted. In view of its many years of experience with such cases, ABS knows the path to take (at home and abroad) and the documents that need to be submitted. To prevent delays during the tracing process, the contract which you have entered into with ABS T&T B.V. also includes a power of attorney in order to be able to best represent your interests after an alert.

Entering into a contract with ABS T&T B.V. guarantees you professional efforts anywhere in the world in order to ensure that your interests are represented and protected.
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