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Advies Bureau Schade b.v.
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  • VAR Foundation
    The VAR Foundation was established at the start of the 1990s by the Dutch insurers (Netherlands Association of Insurance Companies), the Association of Dutch Vehicle Leasing Companies (VNA) and the BOVAG Rental and Leasing section. The reason was the rising level of car crime, resulting in upward pressure on premiums. The VAR [Missing Vehicles Register] was established in order to limit the claims burden and thus control premiums.
  • LIV
    The National Information Centre on Vehicle Crime [Landelijk Informatiecentrum Voertuigcriminaliteit] (LIV) is the centre of expertise for vehicle crime and investigation assistance in the Netherlands. LIV is a joint venture between the RDW (Department of Road Transport), the police (KLPD - National Police Services) and Stichting VAR.
  • AVc
    Avc's aim is to reduce the number of thefts of registered vehicles by 10% a year, and to maintain the recovery percentage at 65%. AVc thereby seeks to help create a more secure society and reduce claim costs. This objective is included in the government's Integrated Safety Programme (IVP). The foundation seeks to achieve this by implementing the Programme for Tackling Vehicle Crime 2000-2003 [Programma Aanpak Voertuigcriminaliteit 2000-2003]
  • RDC
    RDC Datacentrum B.V. has been developing and supplying a variety of services in the field of information, communications and automation to the motor industry for over 30 years. The joined-up approach to these topics is referred to as 'informatisation'. In recent years the informatisation of companies has become a factor which can determine a company's success. By translating the many rapid and extensive developments in the field of technology into a vision and producing concrete proposals and applications, RDC supports companies in the further development of their business.
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